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Clean Pipes, Clean Life: How to Care for Your Grease Trap

As with all plumbing devices through which waste travels, it is necessary to stay on top of the maintenance needs of your grease trap. A clean grease trap is an efficient grease trap and will overall benefit you, your water source and the environment in general in the long run. Keeping a grease trap clean and functional is important because, when working properly, it filters out liquids such as oil and grease from the rest of your waste water. This keeps the grease from entering and contaminating the water source that you use.

A clean grease trap also means a safer environment for you to be in. Pipes clogged with oil and grease are potentially quite dangerous and can lead to sewer problems that affect your whole community, as well as it can attract rats and other such animals to your establishment. Neither of these outcomes are desirable which is why it is of the utmost importance that every four weeks or so, depending on how frequently you dump contaminated waste water into your pipes, you clean out the trap.

Keeping Things Flowing in Middlebranch Ohio

To ensure that you only need to clean your grease trap about every four weeks, there are several ways you can reduce the strain you are putting on your grease trap. One of the most basic, yet most helpful, things you can do is be very conscious of what it is you are putting down your sinks. Avoid putting as much food waste as possible down the drain, and when you can, collect your grease and oil separately and dispose of it in such a way that it does not have to be flushed down the drain. Also, you may want to consider putting in an additional barrier such as a strainer in order to filter out some of the grease or oil from the waste water that you are dumping before it hits the grease trap.

Even if you take all of the precautions possible, make sure you never allow yourself to start to think that these things alone are enough to keep a grease trap entirely clean. As mentioned above, it will still be necessary to directly clean your grease trap on a regular basis. Thankfully, this cleaning will not cost you a huge amount of money nor is it particularly labour intensive. Simply shop around and purchase the best product available to you at your local store, follow the instructions associated with the cleaning process, and voila! You will always have a functional, clean grease trap.

As with most things, grease trap cleaning requires you to be conscious of your actions and to take their potential impacts seriously. Whether you use a grease trap at home or for your business, you should always want to be operating in the safest possible environment for yourself and for others. Maintaining clean grease traps aids in this aim and is the responsible, contientious thing to do as a citizen, worker, and inhabitant of Middlebranch Ohio.

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