Septic Tank Maintenance

The septic tank system is used as an effective way of collecting, treating and disposing sewage. A lot of rural and suburban countries are using septic tank system and utilize septic maintenance facilities. The septic tank system is used where sewage treatment plants are located very far away to be accessed. These systems easily dispose and treat the waste water of kitchen, bathroom and laundry. It is very important to dispose the waste water properly as it may be contaminated by pollutants and disease causing germs and bacteria. Septic tank system is a safe and permanent method to dispose the waste water easily for hygienically safe environment.

The septic tanks are usually concrete water tight boxes under the ground and contain a septic tank, drain field and some soil beneath the drain field. The other type of septic tanks has two to five trenches or compartments to allow a small amount of pre-treatment to the waste water.

The maintenance is very easy, but needs to be taken care of with effective and efficient manner. For the purpose of septic tank maintenance, the drain field as well as the septic tank must be properly maintained for long lasting usage. The basics begin with its proper usage and appropriate water disposal habits. Since your whole family is using it, there should be some guidelines set for septic tank maintenance and usage. Regulating certain things to enter the septic tank could save the cost of septic tank cleaning. Things like strong chemicals, applicators and sanitary napkins should not be allowed to enter the septic tank. This measure is the key to have a hassle free usage of the septic tank. Too much of water input (more than the allowed limit of water) can also be a call for maintenance, so that only the domestic water should be allowed to enter the septic tank. Especially in the kitchen, it should be watched that no cooking oil, garbage or grease is poured in the wash sinks that drains in the septic tank. To avoid the heavy cost that you may be incurring in septic tank maintenance, solid wastes should be periodically pumped out of the septic tank.

Additionally, the septic tank should always be made away from the surface water bed, and there should be no heavy construction of building, driveways or swimming pools near the tank as a safety measure. Among all the maintenance measures, pumping out of the solid waste is most important as the solid waste may clog the pores in the drain field causing the overflow. If, this measure is not taken care of properly, the wastewater may back up into the house, and that may be a very bad situation.

You may realize that maintenance is needed when it shows a thick layer of sludge over the surface of the septic tank water. This time indication may vary depending upon the size of the septic tank, and the ratio of the waste water disposed on a daily basis. A routine check up and regulated use can save the tedious efforts and money to be incurred for septic tank maintenance.

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